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We listen and work together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

We are the only Women in Business Certified Ethics Reporting and Case Management provider in the market dedicated to ensuring you have a unique, sensible, and complete solution – our IntegrityCounts Ethics Reporting and Case Management platform.
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    Women in Business Certified

    We’re the only women owned and managed ethics reporting and case management provider in the market.

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    Canadian Owned and Operated

    Canada has some of the world's strictest data protection and privacy legislation.

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    Highly Responsive

    Our quality of personalized service helps us maintain a 98% customer retention rate.

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    Focus on Quality

    We believe our clients provide the best insight into how the IntegrityCounts solution should evolve.

Meet the WhistleBlower Security team

Get to know some of the people behind WBS.
Wbs Team Member Shannon Walker

Shannon Walker

Founder and President

Shannon Walker is the founder and president of WhistleBlower Security Inc. (WBS) which was launched in 2005. WBS provides ethics, compliance, and loss prevention hotlines, along with IntegrityCounts, a proprietary case management platform to organizations globally.

WBS is Women Business Enterprise Canada certified, making it the only woman-owned and managed certified ethics reporting business in North America.

Shannon frequently speaks around the world on whistleblowing, ethics, corporate culture and diversity. A former elected City Official, Shannon has also sat on a number of non-profit boards and is currently Chair of the Ambleside Dundarave Business Improvement Association.

She has a B.A from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, and a M.A. from Pepperdine University in California. Today Shannon lives with her family in Vancouver, Canada.

Wbs Team Member Kenny Sthilaire

Kenny St-Hilaire

Director of Operations and HR

Kenny came to WhistleBlower Security over twenty years ago to head up the Human Resources department.

Kenny has an undergraduate degree with a double major and honours in International Relations and Economics from the University of British Columbia. Subsequently he worked in the banking and software industries with Royal Bank Financial Group and Sage PLC.

When WBS was born sixteen years ago, Kenny took the new start-up under his wing to help it grow. During this time, Kenny has been instrumental in growing and developing WBS’s complex telephony structure. His ability to understand global telephony nuances and requirements has been the cornerstone in driving and developing WBS’s hotline structure to what it is today.

Time away from work will see Kenny in the kitchen cooking up a variety of dishes. When time allows, Kenny also enjoys traveling and has a deep curiosity about history and ethnography. An avid reader Kenny also keeps abreast of current events and is always keen to discuss and debate on various topics.

Wbs Team Member Daniel Tejeda

Daniel Tejeda

IT Director

Daniel is the IT Director at WBS which means ensuring our high standards for information security and software quality are met and exceeded. Daniel, and his team of developers, are in charge of WBS’ IntegrityCounts platform.

With a degree in Software Engineering, Daniel came to WBS with experience in a variety of technical and management roles. Daniel has more than 15 years of experience in software design, development, integration and support with different programming languages and frameworks from his previous experience in Mexico, Guatemala, United States and Canada.

Outside of the office will find Daniel playing his guitar, bass guitar, and piano and enjoying music. Daniel also picked up Skiing when he moved to Canada and winter-time will find him continuing to improve his skill on Vancouver’s world famous ski hills. And when not on the ski hill, Daniel can be found exploring Vancouver’s many hiking trails.

Wbs Team Member Jeremy Toms

Jeremy Toms

Customer Success Manager

For the past ten years at WBS, Jeremy’s primary focus has been ensuring delivery of superior service to our clients, customers, and all other key stakeholders.

Jeremy came to WhistleBlower Security from another family-run company, Shaw Communications. His experience at Shaw Communications was the foundation of many of his skills. Jeremy started out as an agent on the phone doing technical support and was quickly promoted to supervisor. His experience at Shaw centered around a culture of integrity and putting customers first. Jeremy brought this experience to WBS where he’s been able to play an integral role in ensuring all clients and stakeholders receive exceptional customer service.

Jeremy’s interest in ethics, morality, and philosophy, and their intersection with politics and culture play a key role in helping WBS maintain its reputation of delivering superior customer service.

Outside of office hours you can find Jeremy at the driving range or on the golf course (or watching golf or thinking about golf). When he’s not golfing, he’s fine tuning his home audio system on an unending search for perfection. Those close to him say he’s a “maximizer” – never settling and always trying to push things just a little farther. Whether that’s with golf, hi-fi audio, or any other pursuit, Jeremy happily ebbs and flows with whatever catches his attention in the moment and makes the most of it. And of course, being a Vancouverite, he enjoys food, eating out, and drinking coffee.

Wbs Team Member Amanda Nieweler

Amanda Nieweler

Marketing Content Manager

Amanda is the Marketing Content Manager at WhistleBlower Security. For the past seven years, Amanda’s focus has been on managing the blog and social accounts, as well as creating other content, and managing WBS’ marketing initiatives.

Amanda came to WBS from Galvanize, a Vancouver based software company focused on governance, risk, and compliance. During her 17 years there Amanda’s focus was on marketing and events, and making all stakeholders happy, and this was the foundation of many of her skills she brought to WBS. Her experience at Galvanize focused not only on getting the job done right, but getting it done with integrity, honesty, and of having some fun too. This foundation cemented Amanda’s desire to bring openness, honesty, and creativity to her role at WBS.

Outside of the office, Amanda likes to satisfy her sweet tooth by baking, especially cookies, working out at the gym, and drowning herself in a good crime novel.

Wbs Team Member Hank

Hank Walker

Chief Happiness Officer

Hank is the Chief Happiness Officer at WhistleBlower Security and belongs to his human Shannon Walker. Hanks primary role is helping his human colleagues increase their productivity and reduce stress.

Hank comes to work every day from his home in West Vancouver where his focus is primarily on playing with his human sisters. He brings this playful experience to the office each day where he delights his human coworkers with his friendly nature and loyal personality.

Hanks many interests include running around the office, roaming the outdoor patio sniffing for anything remotely interesting, and staring at the elevator when his human mom leaves the office. Hank also loves belly scratches!

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