Borderless Ethics Reporting: IntegrityCounts Global Hotline

IntegrityCounts Toll Free Ethics Hotline

Empower Employees to Report Misconduct

Our ethics reporting hotline ensures that your employees have a reliable and confidential channel to report suspicious activity without fear of retaliation. By encouraging open communication, you can uncover potential fraud and misconduct before it causes any damage to your business. The IntegrityCounts user-friendly interface enables easy reporting, allowing you to collect and track cases efficiently.

Prevent Financial and Legal Consequences

WhistleBlower Security understands the critical role that ethics reporting hotlines play in identifying and addressing employer misconduct. Suspicious behaviour, if left unreported, can lead to severe financial consequences, legal violations, and public scrutiny. The IntegrityCounts Global Ethics Reporting Hotline provides your employees, vendors, and suppliers with a safe, anonymous, and user-friendly platform to report genuine concerns.

How your organization benefits from the IntegrityCounts anonymous reporting whistleblower hotline:

obstacles when reporting misconduct
employees from raising their concerns elsewhere
unethical practices quickly before they become serious issues
prevent ongoing fraud from occurring
transparency in the organization
accountability among supervisors
in building an ethical, responsible work culture
costly consequences and regulatory violations
you stay compliant

How WhistleBlower's Ethics Hotline Works

Professional and courteous agents are trained to make the reporter feel comfortable and safe.

  • 1

    Reporters call into the hotline to report their concern.

  • 2

    The Agent walks the Reporter through a questionnaire, transcribing the details of the case.

  • 3

    Reporters confirm the details of the case with the Agent to ensure its accuracy.

  • 4

    The report is immediately submitted to the company’s designated administrators for review.

Choose the IntegrityCounts Ethics Reporting Hotline

Choose the IntegrityCounts ethics reporting hotline to reduce costly consequences, regulatory violations, and reputational risks associated with employer misconduct. Our solution helps you stay compliant while building an ethical, responsible work culture. Empower your employees to report misconduct confidently and make a positive impact on your organization's integrity and success.

Customize Your Ethics Reporting Hotline

We understand the importance of tailoring the hotline experience to meet your organization's specific needs. With our customizable features, we work with you to design and implement a hotline reporting experience that aligns with your company culture and values. You can even use your own custom compliance hotline and localize the script to offer greetings in the languages needed to support your employees' language preferences.

Data Privacy and Security

Our solutions are combined with advanced security and data management.

  1. Data Storage
    The IntegrityCounts system runs on a redundant virtual and network infrastructure. In the event of a single hardware failure the application will continue to be operational. There would be no downtime or data loss. Recovery points for our databases are every 10 minutes (RPO) to protect against data loss / data corruption. We can restore from our recovery points within 30 minutes (RTO).
  2. Data Availability
    The strongly encrypted data and software exist in multiple copies within the primary data centre to provide a solution that is highly redundant and resistant to failure. This guarantees greater than 99.95% uptime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also geo-replicate your data to the secondary Canadian Azure data centre to offer disaster recovery in the event of a complete data centre loss.
  3. Third Party Audits
    All incident report details are encrypted both during transmission and while at rest, and WBS maintains strict controls over who has access to systems that store confidential data. The information is encrypted using TLS between the client and the server. Once on the server the structured data is encrypted into an MS SQL Azure RDBMS using Transparent Data Encryption (AES-256).

Key Features of the Whistleblower Ethics Hotline:

World Wide Access
Trained Canadian agents are available to take calls in English, French and Spanish, and can further support another 150 languages in addition to hearing or speech impairments.
We are always available when you need us. Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
The ethics reporting hotline provides three levels of anonymity to ensure whistleblowers feel safe to report their concerns.
Toll-Free Numbers
We offer customized hotline numbers for a toll-free, personalized experience.
Easily Accessible
Our ethics hotline can be used by your employees, as well as your contractors, vendors and customers so they can voice their concerns.
Fast Response Times
The report is immediately submitted through the interface to the designated administrator to quickly review and investigate the case.
Easy to Use Reporting
Our straightforward interface provides you with tangible tools to prevent ongoing fraud from occurring.
Canadian Based
We never offshore our services, all of our agents are located right here in Canada.
The cost of implementing our whistleblowing interface is minimal compared to the financial repercussions you could face if misconduct goes undetected.

Ethics Reporting Hotline Customer Support

Choose IntegrityCounts as your trusted ethics reporting hotline solution and empower your organization to address employer misconduct promptly and effectively. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive services and how we can support your ethics and compliance efforts.

  1. Client Support
    WhistleBlower Security prides itself on high quality and personalized service to our clients.
  2. Customer Success Team
    Our Customer Success Team is always available to you for any ongoing support to your account, or any questions you may have, no matter where you are located.
  3. Knowledge Base
    Our knowledge base hosts a number of self-service videos, eBook and other documents available to you at anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

Why would my organization need a whistleblower hotline?

A good business practice is to take steps to minimize the risk of fraud and workplace misconduct. Whistleblower reporting tools provide a smart way for employees to let management know about unethical behaviour and misconduct in the workplace. These tools provide management and stakeholders with an opportunity to create better business practices, provide more intuitive policies and procedures, and more importantly to most, they help drive inclusive and speak-up cultures.

Aside from the human aspect of creating a safe and inclusive space, whistleblower hotlines offer organizations a tool to help prevent unethical or illegal practices that if left unchecked, could have devastating results.

Is outsourcing a hotline better than creating one in-house?

Many employees don't have any tolerance for being silenced. In fact, they have no problem speaking up when they see something wrong. However, if they don't feel safe to speak-up internally, they may take their concerns externally to outside parties like the media. One risk of keeping a whistleblower hotline in-house is that if anyone does speak up, the reports may be improperly handled by management. An outsourced program will offer more transparency and a secure database that enables organizations to proactively identify and react to trends within their organization.

Are whistleblower hotlines really anonymous?

Yes, well constructed whistleblower hotlines are really anonymous, where allowed. In some countries employees bringing forth reports are not able to do so anonymously. Most third-party providers have built this process into the program to help guide the employee in their reporting process. But where anonymity is allowed, that same carefully built program will allow any reporting employee to remain strictly anonymous, partially anonymous, or completely transparent. As well, these systems should include statements ensuring the employee's anonymity will be maintained in the event they choose not to share any contact information.

What happens to the information if an employee uses a hotline?

A third-party provider will provide a private and secure case management system where all reported concerns are kept. These databases are only accessible by designated company management personnel who are assigned to investigate reported concerns. Once an employee submits a whistleblower report, the information is provided to these authorized designates who will use the case management system to assess each complaint and decide what actions need to be taken. Typically when an employee calls into a third-party hotline, the questionnaire used to work through the complaint is the same one used when an employee chooses to file their concern using an on-line web form.

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