IntegrityCounts Reporting and Analytics

In-depth and robust IntegrityCounts reporting and analytics enables organizations to gain valuable insight into cultural change within the organization.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities to help inform leadership on a variety of issues.

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Key Features

Customizable reporting provides in-depth analysis into the company’s data.
Searchable Database

Allows users to view all historical or current reports.

Templated Reports

Available in pie or bar charts, and viewable by tables and grids.

Key Word Search

Multiple key word search through the entire database including text-based attachments.

Granular View

Send filtered Case Manager data to the Reporting Centre for a more granular view of the data.


Benchmark filtered data against previous periods.

Group Reports

Report grouping based on many variables like data, location, case type, priority, etc.

How it Works

Powerful reporting and analytics provide insight into your corporate culture.
  • 1
    Real-Time Reporting

    Ad hoc reports can be run in real-time, and show full trend analysis and status.

  • 2
    Case Search

    Quickly view the status of each investigation as well as how many complaints are deemed urgent.

  • 3
    Enhanced Search

    A more robust search option that gives users a deeper insight into ethics and compliance trends.

  • 4
    Enhanced Analytics

    The power of data is in your hands so you can search and filter complaints to identify areas of concern.

Powerful Analytics

You have control over the types of reports you want to see, and how you see them.
Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting and analytics capabilities help inform leadership on a variety of issues.

Present to the Board

Customize your reporting data to present to the Board.

Data Privacy and Security

Our solutions are combined with advanced security and data management.

1. Data Storage

The IntegrityCounts system runs on a redundant virtual and network infrastructure. In the event of a single hardware failure the application will continue to be operational. There would be no downtime or data loss. Recovery points for our databases are every 10 minutes (RPO) to protect against data loss / data corruption. We can restore from our recovery points within 30 minutes (RTO).

2. Data Availability

The strongly encrypted data and software exist in multiple copies within the primary data centre to provide a solution that is highly redundant and resistant to failure. This guarantees greater than 99.95% uptime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also geo-replicate your data to the secondary Canadian Azure data centre to offer disaster recovery in the event of a complete data centre loss.

3. Data Transmission

All incident report details are encrypted both during transmission and while at rest, and WBS maintains strict controls over who has access to systems that store confidential data. The information is encrypted using TLS between the client and the server. Once on the server the structured data is encrypted into an MS SQL Azure RDBMS using Transparent Data Encryption (AES-256).

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Customer Support

Our customer success program doesn’t stop once your system is up and running.

1. Client Support

WhistleBlower Security prides itself on high quality and personalized service to our clients.

2. Customer Success Team

Our Customer Success Team is always available to you for any ongoing support to your account, or any questions you may have, no matter where you are located.

3. Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base hosts a number of self-service videos, eBook and other documents available to you at anytime.

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